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Borderlands 2: The Mechromancer

By Bis18marck7011-09-2012

The development of Mechromancer, a DLC to Gearbox Software’s upcoming title: Borderlands 2, is reaching its final stages. Gaige, The Mechromancer will be the fifth playable class and being released on October 16 roughly one month after the actual title, it will sure add some replay value to the game. Gaige is included in the pre-order so fear not for those that grasped this game at the earliest opportunity. Alone, she’ll set you back by $10.

Gaige will be somewhat of a tech-freak. She is escorted by her custom build robot called Deathtrap who seems to be much better at dealing with things than C3PO, his very distant brother from a totally different universe, ever was. She will be able to ‘summon’ it at will, make use of it in a variety of ways by either setting this metal mass upon her enemies or resupply a co-op partner. And like a good robot he is, it will follow her commands to the letter. Think of it as a pet just made out of scrap iron, nickel and steel.

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I hope I will have some people to play Borderlands 2 with when it releases, hint hint :P