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Borderlands 2 Season Pass

By JcDent14-08-2013

Borderlands 2 is a game about shooting stuff. So, probably the GOOD kind of game (as opposed to Dear Esther or Party of Sin). Anyways, now that it has 4 DLCs out, why not get a season pass?

Dunno, maybe you only play quest games made by impoverished Czech gypsies.

But for everyone else, it's the game itself (sometimes called "Diablo with guns"), plus the DLCs that present 4 somewhat different scenarios.

It also has the Vault Hunter Upgrade pack, which gives you 11 more levels to...up. Supposedly that's something you need in a non-MMO.

Anyways, anyone's buying?

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The game is great. The three first DLCs are okay, kinda mediocre but at least "more of the same" for those who can't get enough. The fourth DLC should be shot with a cannon straight back to hell. Fucking tripe.