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Borderlands 2 - Gold Always Shines

By Bis18marck7014-09-2012

Ah, the Golden Key – so shiny, so pretty, your precious! But what to do with it? Now, if you have pre-ordered Borderlands 2 from one of their official partners or were one of the happy few to get one during a Gearbox event, then you probably want to know where exactly this key fits.

What you need to do, besides having a bit of patience, is to get to the city of Sanctuary. That will take you some time although Gearbox anticipates two - three hours should be enough. It is here that you’ve got a big decision to make – well big for those that like to think about what they are doing. The Golden Chest will always drop equip that is scaled to your level and coloured in beautiful purple i.e. very rare. So, the choice is yours, get Shinny now or wait for the games difficulty to rise and then open the treasure box?

And for those that think they can cheat the system – no, saving and reloading won’t give you the chance to try again. Once the Key is used, you are left with whatever drops.

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Posts: 233

Probably - or it will be used as an incentive to buy future titles etc.

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So what about the rest of us? Will it be released afterwards as a DLC or can we unlock it by beating the game?