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Borderlands 2 DLC And Easter Eggs

By RubyStreams03-10-2012

Kotaku recently held an online Q&A session with Gearbox Software President, Mr Randy Pitchford, in which he hinted that there's a good possibility that the brilliant team behind the even more brilliant Borderlands 2 could add even more playable characters to the game. The 5th character class, title, Mechromancer, is scheduled for release October 16th and it seems the success of this will have some sort of impact on any efforts to release additional, playable characters.

Pitchford has stated that no additional character classes would be present in any of the 4 announced Season Pass expansions.

Lastly, for all you Easter egg hunters out there, here's a little code for you to try out on the main title screen of Borderlands 2 (to avoid confusion, it's the "Press Any Key/Start" screen):

Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, crouch, jump, Start - I advise you use a gamepad to input the code.

Once the code has been correctly entered, go to Options>Gameplay, then scroll down and you should see 'Extra Wubs' which can be toggled on or off. But as the description of the option states, it does literally nothing!

Post your favourite Borderlands 2 Easter eggs below and please keep them spoiler free.

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