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Book-let Hell

By BloodyFanGirl09-02-2014

The world is at the mercy of Obliterature and only you can save it in a new game commissioned by author E. P. Rose (The Conspiracy Kid, Beyond the Valley of Sex and Shopping). BOOKATTACK is a fun little flash game where players shoot books as they fall from the sky and has a rather quirky back story:

When Myrtle Fogg received her 666th rejection slip, she stomped off to the London Library which is where she had fondly penned all of her 37 dreadful romantic novels, there to mutter and seethe. Not only was she feeling rejected and dejected, she was also feeling EXTREMELY ANGRY.

It was at this moment that EBWOD (the Evil Book Worm Of Doom) slithered through a portal (in the fabric of space and time) hidden behind a stack adjacent to Myrtle's regular table and offered to help her revenge herself on all her enemies and their friends and their families and their pets and in fact ON EVERYONE IN THE WHOLE ENTIRE WORLD.

"What do you suggest?" asked Myrtle.

"Obliterature," EBWOD replied, with a wicked hiss.

The two pair up and agree to obliterate the Earth "by dropping large quantities of books on them from a very great height", hence the term Obliterature. You can read the full backstory here and it only gets zanier.

The curious thing is that the player with the highest score on BOOKATTACK each month will get a prize. It's unclear what this prize will be but the possibility certainly piques one's interest. On my first go I got an abysmal score of 94582. See if you can do better than me by playing BOOKATTACK here.


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Posts: 297

Damn, all that old literature is going to good use now!

Posts: 3290

You got more than me, I crapped out at 72k :/