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Bohemian Responds to ARMA 3 Hacking Issue

By Mokman28-04-2013

Well, it seems that Bohemian Interactive at least reads its own forums, (unlike some other companies that could be mentioned), and it has finally responded regarding the hacking spree that's been plaguing the game recently. In a recent announcement on the Steam page for ARMA 3 Alpha, they have acknowledged that there has been "a widespread abuse of its script functionality over the past few days."

They, however, have not been idle, and have stated explicitly that "this particular type of exploit has been made harder in today’s Development branch version", and that this is "not the end of improvements in this area." They approximate the movement of these new security features to the default branch next week, pending test results. Also, they reassure their fans on their stance against cheating, stating:

"The general topic of cheating will be addressed in a little more detail in the next SITREP. It is important to say already that we have reasons for not yet applying the global anti-cheat measures. We intend to do it as soon as we are able to."

For a game as moddable as ARMA 3 plans to be, the lack of security is unsurprising, but avoidable. It seems that Bohemia is now taking this into account, and true to their usual selves, actually listening to player feedback. Let's hope the rest goes as smoothly.

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