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Bohemia Interactive Lays Out Plan for Arma 3

By zethalee06-05-2014

Following on the release of recent content for their military simulator Arma 3, Bohemia has seen fit to tease out some details for their development cycle within the next two years. Starting off with something called “Platform Updates,” these patches are going to be designed to improve the longevity of player-created content in conjunction with the game itself. This will feature a game launcher, where you can launch, organize, and maintain mods, and also a “boot camp,” designed to be an introduction for new players into the mechanics and sandbox environment that Arma 3 provides. 

The second set is going to be standard DLC, of which Bohemia simply revealed two packages they were working on, the first being Helicopters, and the second being Marksmen. Naturally, the first will involve incorporating the flight model from Take On Helicopters, and also introducing new transport helicopters. The second will feature a variety of high-calibre and ranged rifles. Neither have too many specific details out just yet, but, Bohemia promises that they will offer more information about their DLC strategy in the coming weeks. 

The third and final note in the posting is about an expansion. As it's still easily a year off, there are even less details here than in the posting about DLC, but Bohemia did reveal that it would involve new terrain, and that it would not be a standalone release. As news develops, we will be reporting it here, but in the meantime, there is, at the very least, something for milsim fans everywhere to look forward to in the future.

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