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Bohemia Interactive Launches Contest Seeking Mods for Arma 3

By zethalee01-05-2014

And boy, is there some serious cash up for grabs.  With five areas to submit your mod to, it's clear Bohemia is looking for some active participation in the community.  Naturally leading the pack is the “Total Conversion mod,” which, if selected by a panel consisting of some of the developers and other industry professionals, you could be awarded a cool 200,000 euros.  If anyone needs motivation to create their mod, they need only look at the totally unique experience created for Arma 2, DayZ. 

The other three prize-winning mod categories are singleplayer game mode, multiplayer game mode, and addon.  First place in any of these categories nets you 50,000 euros, with second place earning you 30,000, and third place earning 20,000.  While the multiplayer game mode and addon are simply voted on by the previously mentioned jury, the community will be able to “vote” on the singleplayer entries, with those votes eventually making up a top 20 list of the mods for the jury to then choose. 

Community members will also be able to “support” an entry into the contest, which earns them a forum badge and a 30% off coupon for Arma 3, and it also earns rewards for the mod submitter as well, though said rewards haven't been totally fleshed out yet. 

Finally, the last category, and arguably most important, is the “Health Care in Danger Special Award,” which, in lieu of a cash prize, awards a trip to an ICRC mission somewhere in the world to the entrant who covers the topic of “health care in danger” the best.  With a vast array of talent surely to be found in the community, come this winter, we shall see how the modding environment will have shaped the game.

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