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Bohemia Integrative Staff Charged With Espionage

By Bobfish11-09-2012

Two Czech men who have identified themselves as employees of Bohemia Interactive have been arrested in Lemnos, a Greek island, on allegations of 'spying'. They were discovered taking pictures and making video of military installations which they claim will be used as reference material for the upcoming ARMA 3, which is set in the area.

The two, reported to be aged 28 and 33, have been taken into custody to be charged with espionage. It seems the Grecian authorities are less than convinced with their story. Marek Spanel, CEO and co-founder of Bohemia, on their forums, confirmed that it was indeed their employees but didn’t want to go into more detail until they get all their facts.

“This is true.

We prefer this topic not to be discussed on our forums atm, at least until we know more specific details about the case so I am going to close this topic and our moderators are going to close any related discussion here, thank you for understanding.”

It seems it does not bode well for their (the accused’s) future. What do you think of Grecian action, do you think it’s justifiable and they are just protecting themselves? Leave a comment below.

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Posts: 240

Managed to make me laugh to be honest. What a pair of fannies, haha.

Posts: 241

You've got it all wrong, the Czechs are going to invade Greece! Watch this space.

Posts: 1548

I'm sure they overreacted but its just irresponsible taking photos of military and government objects without a permit.

Posts: 233

Couldn't they just ask permission? Sure, it might be hard to get it but how silly do you have to be....

Posts: 3290

Maybe these guys just wanted to *puts on sunglasses* play the game early