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Bltizkrieg 3 Reaching Early Access and New Approaches to Multiplayer

By elethio13-07-2015

I've been calling 2015 the year of the RTS, it really seems like my favourite genre is having a long overdue revival. Already this year we've had some great Sci Fi based RTS's released: Homeworld Remastered, Etherium, and Grey Goo. Now its the turn of the WWII RTS to get a Facelift and more.

Developers: Nivel, are taking a new approach with multiplayer for Blitzkrieg 3, various "social" options are being added, including the ability to challenge a player via chat, which then leads to a direct realtime PVP battle, placing you of defender or attacker against a live opponent. Asynchronous battles are also possible too. Unlike other MMO RTS's Nivel have promised no microtransactions and no subscription fees either, once you buy the game thats it you have the whole thing. A single player campaign and skirmish mode are also going to be introduced.

I wholly approve of their business model, and I find the description of the PVP set up intriguing, I Pixel Judge will be doing a preview for Blitzkrieg 3 soon, and we'll endeavour to give you a more thorough breakdown of the game at that point.

Until then stay with us for more news and updates, I'm so excited about what this year is bringing us especially for RTS games, we've had some great ones so far, and their look to be some even greater coming soon.

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