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BlOps 2 Season Pass Elite, Goes Free

By RubyStreams16-10-2012

After the news of a possible Black Ops 2 Season Pass was posted, Activision have decided to officially announce it along with some extra, quite interesting, news regarding Elite.

The subscription based Elite will now be free to whoever wishes you use it, however the DLC content will not be included. This is where the season pass comes in. For a onetime fee of $50 players will receive all DLC packs as and when they are released.

Seeing as Elite was basically a Season Pass with a few extras like stat tracking included, and selling at roughly the same price as this announced Pass, Activision will still, no doubt, see a large amount of money flowing their way.

At the moment the DLC/Season Pass has only been announced for Xbox 360, with no word of PS3 or PC platforms!! However, Activision has said they are "working with Nintendo" to bring the DLC/Season Pass to the upcoming Wii U version of Black Ops 2.

Now, we all have our own opinions on Activision's money making ways, so it's pretty safe to say that PC and PS3 won't be left out.

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