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BlOps 2 Apocalypse Now Gameplay-er

By JcDent29-08-2013

The last DLC for blockbuster (I blame everyone else) FPS Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 is called Apocalypse and now there's a gameplay trailer. So, just like a regular trailer, but without devs gushing about it like schoolgirls.

So, you can see the four maps and the new zombie map. Dig, Takeoff and Frost are nothing new and interesting. Now, Pod is something I'd like to see in Battlefield - a futuristic looking abandoned, well, pod city (there's one in IRL Asia).

Of course, in Battlefield it would be a central piece of a much larger map, giving close quarter component for more open map, a place where you can ambush tanks and stuff. Alas!

Now, the Origins maps for zombies want to channel all the steampunk fads that are rampantly running around. So here, you're fighting zombies and special zombies in the trenches of WWI (also known as "The Great War"). 4 new weapons are promised to boot.

So, have you got it already?

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