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Bloodstained Appears on Kickstarter

By WskOsc13-05-2015

Koji Igarashi, a game development legend has turned to Kickstarter for his latest project: Bloodstained: Ritual Of The Night. They're calling it an “Igavania” style game, likely to avoid a lawsuit or some such, but the more accepted term is “metroidvania”. The style of game is characterized by a large singular map gated via doors or passageways that need a certain item or ability to traverse and often feature RPG style elements such as leveling up and crafting.

Good news for Symphony Of The Night fans then, but what about the rest? Well, Inti Creates, best known for their Azure Striker Gunvolt games on 3DS but also for their involvement with another game development legend's Kickstarted project – Keiji Inafune's Mighty No. 9. Audiophiles will likely be pleased that Michiru Yamane is on composing duty and she's best known for such gems like Castlevania (Symphony Of The Night, Harmony Of Dissonance, Aria Of Sorrow, Lament Of Innocence, Bloodlines amongst others), Sparkster (Rocket Knight Adventures), Smash Bros WiiU and Suikoden but PC gamers probably better know her work from Skullgirls. An already funded stretch goal also has David Hayter onboard for voice acting, what more could you want.

The project has already hit three times its initial funding goal and continues to grow, hitting stretch goal after stretch goal with 30 days still to go. I'll leave it to you to decide if this bodes well for PC gamers or whether we're getting off-brand rehashes of console classics 18 years after the fact. I will say that I already plonked down my $28 for the game though.

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