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Blood Bowl 2 Introduces First Match

By JcDent16-04-2014

The problem with regular sport games is that they're very boring. It's just a lot of dudes chasing a ball that's very particular about the way it should be handled. Blood Bowl is a lot better since it involves orcs, elves, spells and mutations. Blood Bowl 2 is going to be even better.

As you can infer from this video of human Reiklan Reavers and orc Gouged Eye (infer, damn you, infer!), the game will feature star commenters Jim Johnson and Bob Bifford. They will comment on matches that feature scalable stadiums (no idea what that is) as well as even better team modeling (here's that brand new engine at work) as well as animations and dynamic camera.

Like I said before, the game has a brand new engine as well as various gameplay modes. For example, there league matches where you'll have to lead one of the famous teams through various hairy sports encounters. Of course, the usual single player championship – complete with team management and what not – is still in, now with additional bells and whistles, such as managing your own stadium! Hard to play home without one, right? Multiplayer support is also there, so grab two copies of Blood Bowl and show your friend that this is way better than NFL 2K15 or something.

Until then, holding breath!

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