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Blood Dragon's 15 Minutes Of Fame

By MrJenssen09-04-2013

Don't ask us who recorded it. Don't ask us who uploaded it. Don't ask us how this footage even exists at this point, when so little information has come from official sources in the first place. But somehow, somewhere, someone has been able to play and record 15 minutes of gameplay from Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon. Though there's plenty of rumors surrounding this upcoming title, there's no confirmed release date or announced platform. One of the things we do know, is that Michael Biehn is supposedly to act the game.

For what it's worth, the video shows off some very entertaining gameplay, with new weaponry, colorful environments, 80s style music that rivals the music of Drive , lots of tutorial messages and more - without sacrificing the things that made Far Cry 3 so great in the first place. Well, I don't know if they'll let you hunt robotic Battlecats in this one, but... that would be pretty awesome too. I think I'll just add that to the wishlist of so-far unconfirmed awesome things that should be in this wacky addition to an already insane game.

Update: Ubi is shy and removed the video...but if you click here you you can get your hands on a “backup copy” thanks to NeoGAF user.

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The backup is down as well...

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Damn it, Ubisoft didn't like their awesome little game being shown off too early.