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Blood Dragon is Bananas

By Merc25-04-2013

Far Cry 3 was all about the insanity, even though I loved that insanity a little too much, the events/people in Far Cry 3 were awful (in a good way). It is an amazing accomplishment that Blood Dragon could turn up the insanity to 100 but it is hard to begin to describe why it is so brain bursting insane. Let’s start with a neon blue bow and arrow! The bow and arrow from Far Cry 3 was very fun to use, sometimes I would use it instead of all the other weapons. Now it glows blue and continues to deal satisfying kills on a regular basis, whether it be to another man or some kind of dragon that glows in red neon.

In case you could not tell right away, Blood Dragon is a huge departure from the regular game. There are some similarities, like liberating encampments, and some weapons are the same. Everything else feels like it came straight out of my childhood, it feels like all the 80s and 90s movies rolled up into one incredibly awesome package. Blood Dragon looks to capture what is so great about video games, sure a good story is always great to have, but what is wrong with just wanting to rampage around an open world. If that sounds good then watch the trailer.

Now my friend if you have read this far without watching the video let me encourage you to do so. Not only does it show you a good example of what to expect from Blood Dragon, the commentary from Creative Designer Dean Evans is some of the most hilarious dialogue in any video game trailer ever! He clearly understands that this expansion is all about the old school movie feel and the ridiculous situations that occur while exploring the world of Blood Dragon.

You will see in the trailer that the music is great and nails that 80s action movie feel. It is available for pre-order on iTunes and is composed by Power Glove.

The tracks include:

-   Rex Colt
-   Blood Dragon Theme
-   HELO-73
-   Warzone
-   Moment of Calm
-   Dr Elizabeth Darling
-   Power Core
-   Protektor
-   Sloan
-   Sloan’s Assault
-   Blood Scope
-   Combat I
-   Combat II
-   Combat III
-   Katana
-   Omega Force
-   Nest
-   Rex’s Escape
-   Love Theme
-   Sleeping Dragon
-   Warcry
-   Cyber Commando
-   Death of a Cyborg
-   Resurrection
-   Blood Dragon Theme

For more information about the band check out their website.

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Posts: 1548

@Leigh - probably :P

Posts: 241

I must be the only one who thinks this just looks bad.

Posts: 3290

It's 80s shlock. We weren't known for being PC back then

Posts: 351

Yeah for sure, it was an amazing walk through trailer that was just funny as hell. It made me want to play the game that is for sure.

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I am surprised how the PR people let the commentator use such a foul language. This must clearly be catering to the hardcore. Suck this Jade.