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Blood Bowl 2 Reveals Itself in Stadium

By Mokman20-11-2013

Cyanide Studios is not one of the well known game-developers in the industry, and that's a crying shame, considering the intelligent, interesting and surprisingly polished games they've come up with over the years. Yet one of the best is undoubtedly the videogame adaptation of the classic board game, Blood Bowl, a game about football set within the grim dark world of Warhammer.

And now we have a sequel to "Cyanide Studios' video game adaptation of the famous board game from Games Workshop that combines American football with the Warhammer fantasy world" But not only that, we've managed to find out what one of the stadiums looks like. And joy oh joy, it's built by the Orcs. As to quote the developers:

"Orc clans from all over the Old World worked like crazy to build this magnificent stadium. Human and goblin teams will be christening it under the sharp eye of the totally-unbiased goblin referee, who has almost certainly been bribed by one of the teams. Probably both."

Blood Bowl 2 plans to be "more ambitious" than ever before, bringing new features and accessibility, while also adding new content for veterans. Matches promise to be "original and truly unique", and there's even a league mode that allows players to "manage their own team, club and even stadium". Interested, well keep your eyes peeled. We'll have more information on this soon enough.

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