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Blood Bowl 2 is Getting Chaotic

By drcoolio34517-04-2015

Blood Bowl 2 has never seemed to be like your typical game of Madden thanks to its minotaurs, werewolves, and monstrous creatures of all sorts ripped straight from the Warhammer universe, but it's getting a bit more chaotic soon.

Football has always been about getting the good ol' pigskin across the field to the other side of course, but chaotic teams seem to have a different approach to the sport. Instead of running, scoring, and touchdowning, they seem to just want to murder some people.

Now, I know what you're thinking. "that doesn't seem very legal" right? And yes, you're right, but you're forgetting that the title of this game is Blood Bowl, not "Let's all get Together Bowl." Legality and ethics aren't two of the things that you're supposed to be looking for in Blood Bowl's gameplay, its trailers, or its teasers.

There are downsides to being Chaos teams though of course. Humans like to flee and run for their lives all the time when faced with just a couple of horrifying nightmare creatures as we all know, and all that running away has made them a little bit quicker than your average chaos creature. Chaos teams can overcome this by using mutations which let them steal skills from other creatures as well as adding a bit of visual flair via a tentacle sprouting from the backside, but the balance between speed and power can be delicate.

Chaos teams and gameplay are the big news, but a graphical update is in tow as well, and Blood Bowl 2 is oozing more of that cablevision feel than it ever has thankfully. Blood Bowl 2 is really shaping up from the looks of it, and the devs are apparently wanting to pump out as many videos as the possibly can before its eventual release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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