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Blood Bowl 2 Is a Thing That Is Going To Be

By JcDent07-06-2013

Blood Bowl is an interesting spinoff of the Warhammer Fantasy franchise. Here, all the races come together and duke it out...in a field of rugby. Well, a field of Blood Bowl, since there rules here are much more lax about maiming the opposing team. The first game was fun. The upcoming second game...is going to have more commentators.

As the first trailer shows ,the ever so cleverly named Bob Bifford the Ogre and Jim Johnson the Vampire, both commentators of the venerable sport, are going to feature more prominently in the game. Heck, the interface will be built around their booth. They'll also talk more in the field and have a deeper role in the campaign. Yes, this sports game is probably going to have a campaign. Wrap your head around that one.

And since, at the time of the reveal, Cyanide has already put a year worth of work into the game, soon comes the day when Stuntman will have to get me a review copy so that I might entertain you and influence your purchases.

Meanwhile, how amped are you about the new game? Maybe you're a grizzled veteran of the tabletop Blood Bowl and could enlighten us about the prominence of Jim and Bob?

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Posts: 3290

I have Blood Bowl on Steam, the standard version (will get Blood Elf some day) it's...actually pretty fun.

Then again, I like American football

Posts: 1317

For whatever reason, Blood Bowl was just never something that interested me. That and Warhammer. O.o