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Blizzard Trademarks Heroes of the Storm

By Fr33Lanc3r.00702-10-2013

Blizzard Entertainment has filed a trademark for the title Heroes of the Storm recently. The trademark, which doesn't seem to be associated with any current Blizzard title, has unleashed a storm (oh ha ha! ~ed) of speculation surrounding what it could be - from another WoW expansion, to a replacement title for Blizzard All Stars, and anything in between.

Personally, I'd probably go with Project Titan, which has gone through development hell, but is apparently still going forward despite the design changes that occured earlier this year - at least if the fansites are to be believed.

But that's just my own speculation, and it's probably widely off the mark. Feel free to share your own ideas and theories with us in the comments.

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To be honest it could be in relation to Starcraft or Diablo 3, could also be a new WOW expansion as you've stated, not that I could care less about it anyway.