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Blizzard Lays Down More Cards

By Kelevandos15-04-2013

Another of Hearthstone's video teasers is here and this time we can have a look at a full match between a shaman and a mage.  The gameplay seems really smooth and intense, featuring many elements known from the WarCraft universe.

Hearthstone: Heroes of WarCraft is a F2P card game developed by Blizzard. It will offer both single and multiplayer matches between characters based on WoW classes. The player will summon minions, cast spells and use hero powers in order to bring the opponents health points to zero.

I think that Hearthstone is up for quite a success, seeing how the genre lacks a fast-paced, graphics-oriented game. As a big fan of pc card games I fear just one thing – that it will be too simple, aimed only at drawing players with the franchise. If Blizzard can avoid this, the game will be a must-try!

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