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Blizzard Introduces Pet Battles To WOW

By acharris7704-09-2013

The popular on-line game World of Warcraft is getting a 5.4 patch, which is bringing Multiverse and a new island to help give the ageing game a boost. Also in this new patch, Blizzard is introducing a new pet battle, which players can take part in, but to be in with a chance of success the pets must be level 25.

Over the battle scenarios, pets won't be able to be healed or revived, so this makes the selection even more essential. Coins will be the prize for winning battles, so that you can buy celestial pets from a nearby vendor. So this 5.4 patch is looking very interesting and should bring new life to an old dog. So Blizzard does something that many Pokemon fans would love to see. Let us know what you think.

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