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Blizzard Gets Sued, Bans Players

By Leigh Cobb10-11-2012

Blizzard have set about banning accounts for cheating in Diablo III. The newly banned players were using bot tools and other hacks to gain an unfair advantage in the game. Oh and Blizzard were also sued over other, separate security concerns!

Ok let's deal with the banned players first. Some users were employing hacking programs in order to attack monsters outside their AI trigger range, as well as 'undermine the spirit of fair play'. Blizzard bans them, warns against third party app use, everyone's happy.

Except Blizzard, because in entirely separate news, security concerns involving the authenticator requirements Blizzard impose have come back to bite them. The crux of the issue is that Blizzard sells 'authenticators' which keep you information on Battle.net safe. The cost and need of this is not disclosed upfront, constituting 'deception' according to those suing Blizzard.

“Blizzard requires all of its customers to establish accounts with its online gaming service, Battle.net. But it fails to disclose to consumers, prior to purchase, that they’ll need additional products called authenticators to keep information stored in these accounts safe. Even though the company frequently receives complaints about accounts being hacked, it simply tells the customer to attach an authenticator to their account. Blizzard doesn’t inform people about this requirement when they purchase the game, and that amounts to a deceptive trade practice.”

The fact that giving more of your hard earned money to Blizzard is required in order to keep your account safe is one thing, but to do this when hacking in Blizzard games is only increasing is another. On the other hand, they banned some cheaters. Blizzard are like marmite aren't they? One day they're Jesus Christ rescuing kittens, the next their charging you far too much for mediocre games and punching you in the kidneys.

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"One day they're Jesus Christ rescuing kittens, the next their charging you far too much for mediocre games and punching you in the kidneys." that is an interesting comparison to say the least! Laughed my ass off! :P

I bought Diablo 3, but not for myself, but as a present for a family member of mine who really wanted it badly but was very tight on money. So I got it for him. That also gave me the chance to play it whenever I visited their house and I do see why it is so liked, but it is perhaps overpriced, especially after adding in extra costs of security authenticators and stuff.

They should do like Star Wars The Old Republic have, and allow people to either buy an authenticator or use their mobile phone as a free authenticator.

Guild Wars 2 also has really good security measures, as long as your email and account passwords are different. But theirs suffers a lot of downtime issues though.