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Blitzkrieg 3 Now in Early Access

By zethalee08-05-2015

The third entry in the Blitzkrieg series has made its way onto Steam, with a few additions and changes not only from earlier games, but also the RTS genre as a whole. Promising the three major powers of the WWII European theater for play, Blitzkrieg 3 appears to have eschewed traditional multiplayer for asynchronous gameplay, where instead of fighting players directly, you assault bases and wage war against other players and an AI that takes their place when needed.

It's unknown just how well this will translate to the game once it hits a wider release, but if you purchase Blitzkrieg 3 on Steam now, you get the first two installments for free, if this post on the official website is any indication. The Standard edition will run you 29.99 USD, and the Deluxe Edition costs 49.99 USD, with some added units, generals, and other rewards. Early Access is planned to run about 4-5 months, as the game is currently in Alpha.

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