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Blast Your Way in Star Wars

By Bunnysuit31-07-2015

A new Star Wars Battlefront Team Deathmatch mode called Blast is coming soon to a galaxy near you. This mode will be 10 vs 10 battles between Imperial and Rebel factions. The winning team is determined by which ever reaches 100 kills or are leading when the 10 minutes has passed.

Those who like to work with teams and strategies should find the new Blast mode fun. Knowing which weapon suits you in this type of battle atmosphere will be a huge advantage. Weapon pickups will be available across the maps, so use them well.

Those familiar with the Star Wars Battlefront maps will find the Blast mode maps a tad bit smaller, but the claustrophobic design is specialized for the mode. These maps are familiar places, but they are new and not just smaller versions of existing maps.

Star Wars Battlefront Blast mode will be available in your galaxy November 17th, just in time for the holidays.

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