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Blacklist Multiplayer Going Back to Basics

By Merc03-05-2013

I can barely contain myself as I write this because Splinter Cell: Blacklist is actually going to have the multiplayer I so desired from the last game, sadly it was nowhere to be found. If you are unfamiliar with the multiplayer in the previous Splinter Cell games then you will be in for a treat. It is spies versus the mercenaries and it is a game mode where either cunning or brute force is required. There really has not been a multiplayer mode that has captured the feel that these games did for a player versus player mode, it is really fun. As the spies you will need to infiltrate an objective to steal something or if you are the mercs you will have to defend said objective. Blacklist, you are now officially on my radar, both for the single player, and certainly the multiplayer.

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