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Blacklist Gets a Multitude of Editions

By MrJenssen12-03-2013

Well, it's that time again. The time when a big publisher announces the two billion different versions for one of their upcoming games. In this case it's Ubisoft and their upcoming Splinter Cell sequel, titled 'Blacklist'. Blacklist is currently slated to be released in August this year, but that doesn't stop Ubisoft from making sure people's pre-order fingers start to itch already. However, unlike most publishers who announce different pre-order bonuses with different retailers, Ubisoft have gone above and beyond. PCGamesN is now reporting that Ubisoft are offering four different Collector's Editions for Blacklist, each with some unique stuff. They are The 5th Freedom Edition, The 5th Freedom Silver Edition, The Ultimatum Edition and the Upper Echelon Edition.

All editions include various digital bonuses including outfits, weapons and maps. The Upper Echelon Edition only has digital bonuses, but the three first editions all come with their physical goodies as well. All three of these come with a graphic novel. The 5th Freedom Edition comes with a Sam Fisher figure, The Uplay-exclusive 5th Freedom Silver Edition comes with the exact same figure but painted in silver (clever, right?) and The Ultimatum Edition comes with the dumbest and least likely "special-Ops" wristwatch you will ever see. Yeah, I doubt the world's Special Forces will start switching out their Casio PRG-40s for this incredibly gimmicky looking thing. They all come with the digital content too, of course.

If you want the full scoop on these editions, feel free to check out the article over at PCGamesN or check out the pictures below.

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