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Blacklist Dev PC Interview

By Mokman18-06-2013

It's safe to say that Splinter Cell: Conviction was one of the most hotly-argued games for its time, not because of the actual plot or anything (which was somehow even more ridiculously overblown than previous iterations of Splinter Cell), but instead due to the inclusion of action elements into the predominantly stealth-based game. Personally, I sat on the fence for the fray, seeing the logic between tradition and plain silly fun - but I have to admit, the next sequel of Splinter Cell looks like something that could just possibly drop from the shadows and make a huge (stealthy) splash.

This interview by NVIDIA's Kris Rey then affirms the faith placed within the developers from the PC crowd, as he basically milks them for technical information for approximately five minutes, garnering details ranging from tessellation to anti-aliasing. For those who actually understand the stuff, go give it a watch - it may just spark the desire to don the goggles once again.

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I am interested in the new Splinter Cell game, hopefully they bring back the stealth elements that I loved but refresh the game with new innovations. It looks like that is the case so I am looking forward to trying it. Oh yeah, and they have spies vs mercs!