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Blacklist, Backlight

By Bobfish15-12-2012

A new developer commentary video for the upcoming sixth installment in the Splinter Cell franchise has surfaced across the web. Surely a leak of this magnitude will not remain undetected by Third Echelon personnel, so have your SC3k at the ready, and your sticky camera down the hall. It's time to don your night vision goggles and take a look into the shadows.

No, literally.

Though they're labeling this as a look at the art direction, it's all about the series' trademark - the interplay between light and shadow. Whilst it's clear that, sadly, there's still a more action alignment, as there was with Conviction. It also seems like they're making a concerted effort to reclaim some of what made Sam stand out in the first place: His ability to remain invisible. Quite how being completely unseen made him stand out is puzzling. But it's (or at least it was, but that's another story) Michael Ironside. Just go with it.

I, like many fans, was extremely critical of the action focus taken by Conviction. But I have to say, I still enjoyed it immensely. With what we're now seeing, literally, I'm optimistic that we'll be given a much better balance if the old and new. Change, after all, is not a bad thing. But that's just my ten cents worth. Go check out what Ubi have to say and feel free to chip in with your own comments. We promise to forgo the usual official secrets screening just this once.

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