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Black Ops II Zombies Mode Details

By RubyStreams27-09-2012

During a preview event for Black Ops II, Treyarch revealed a mass of details regarding the hugely popular Zombies mode, which debuted a number of years ago when it was released as a 'bit of fun' mini game, packaged with World at War.

Well, its popularity grew and grew into something much more than a mere 'time waster', and it doesn't look like slowing down anytime soon. The Black Ops II version of Zombies is going to be f**king huge!!!!

The traditional wave based mode makes an obvious return. Play alone or with up to 3 of your friends, you must survive as long as you can as wave after wave of the undead menace do their best to eat your knowledge-filled noggins.

From here the new modes crank the zombie action up a notch (or 12).


Set in a "big, giant, expansive world" [Treyarch boss Mark Lamia], Tranzit increases the scale of Zombies mode tenfold. For up to 4 players, Tranzit acts as a campaign mode of sorts, but set in the Zombies universe. Players can travel on foot or via bus (featured in the trailer) in a world "significantly bigger than anything [Treyarch has] ever created" [Lamia].

Lamia says "Because it's open and because there are multiple locations in this world where you can play and where the infestation is, there's different strategies about how you can approach it" he continues, "It's a much bigger world with much more going on." Moving through the world in the bus has tactical advantages, such as speed; however, it isolates players and can become very difficult to escape from.

Players should fear not, going on foot "into the fog", as scattered throughout the world are items which can be collected and combined as "buildables", such as weapons, tools and other items which help unlock new sections of this new, expansive world.


Have you ever wanted to set a horde of zombies on your closest friends or some high pitched 11 year old sitting in a his bedroom halfway around the world? Well it seems new Zombies mode, Grief, is right up your alley.

Lamia describes, "It's really humans versus zombies, because the zombies don't care what team you're on. They just want human flesh and brains."

An 8v8 competitive mode, with a twist. That twist - YOU can't actually kill the enemy. The zombies can however. This is where the name Grief originates. Instead of filling your foes with bullets, applying "new mechanics exclusive to this mode" says Lamia, you must 'grief' your enemy and let the undead do the messy stuff for you. Winning is simple, be the last team standing.

Stat tracking, improved matchmaking and custom games (which you can set your own challenges, such as 'headshots only' or 'no perks') will be featured in this evolved Zombies mode.

Treyarch are being pretty tight-lipped about Zombies, but on top of the details above, they have confirmed there will be 4 new playable characters, including a female survivor, brand new zombie types will be featured and plenty of Easter eggs are promised to be dotted around Tranzit.

Well that about does it. Black Ops II Zombies is looking to be a massive game in itself. Treyarch really do seem to be throwing everything at this year's installment of the massively popular (and unpopular) FPS series.

Thank you Joystiq for the info.

Fend off the undead in the explosive Call of Duty: Black Ops II when it releases November 13th.

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