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Black Ops II PC Update

By NeonAnderson22-11-2012

As we posted in a previous news post, Black Ops 2 PC has a FOV cap of 80. This however is about to change, as it seems Treyarch has taken players' concerns to heart and in today's update for both the single-player and multiplayer clients, the FOV will be increased to 90 among other changes and improvements.

The full list of changes is as follows:

Max FOV increased to 90
Fix: Horse falling through the world in Afghanistan when playing on some CPUs with 4 or more cores
Fix: RC-XD and the AGR sinking into the map in MP when playing on some CPUs with 4 or more cores
General performance improvements in SP, MP, and ZM for CPUs with 4 or more cores
Fix: crash when a 7th player tries to join a 6 player league lobby
Improved dedicated server matchmaking
Fix: some cases of "Connection Interrupted" in MP while loading into a match

So some definite great news here for Black Ops 2 PC gamers! Treyarch is really showing the PC community just how much they value it and have promised even more updates for the platform.

Have you been affected by any of these issues before the update? Are there any other serious issues still in the game affecting you? Share your comments below.

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I actually thought (after trying) that 80 was good enough but this is even better