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Black Ops Black Story

By StuntmanLT01-10-2015

As always, as soon as autumn comes Call of Duty starts to ramp up its marketing campaign. New bit of information here, new screenshot there. Today – a new trailer. A story trailer. Black Ops 3 shows off big effects, impressive scenes, and fantastic cinematography. This time around though they barely show any story. At least I didn’t understand what was going and who will we be fighting. Guess they learned from Black Ops 2, where the trailer mostly showed off scenes from one of the last levels of the game.

But there were some “unexpected” sequences. Like that WWII era tank. Will we “go back” in time and experience levels where we fight Nazis? How does that tie into the overall story arc? Lots of questions but I guess everything will be answered when the game releases. Hope it will not be done in a cheap way where they find some silly excuse...or a cliffhanger.

CoD games always brings out a lot of hate. Though recently it has been much lower. Did people get bored of hating, did they accept that CoD is CoD and always will be CoD? Or is it because it looks like the developers are actually trying to innovate with new engines, new mechanics, and this time around - coop? I personally always enjoyed the campaigns and can’t wait to play this. What about you?

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