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Black Ops 3 Asks “How Far Would You Go?”

By zethalee27-04-2015

Ahead of the premiere of the game on April 26th, Treyarch has put out a teaser trailer which, in their eyes, might possibly detail how the next entry in the franchise might end up. Clearly drawing inspiration from Deus Ex and Advanced Warfare, Treyarch seems to be suggesting that we will let our own technological advancements run away from us, sending us hurtling into a new age of human development, with all its associated consequences.

There's plenty of real-life footage mixed in with fabricated stuff as well, and, for a Call of Duty game, there was almost no focus on the guns and the people behind them until the final clip of the teaser. In fact, the entire thing seemed to take so much from Deus Ex that even the series's own Twitter account posted something in response.

There's still no indication of how this connects to the Black Ops storylines, though, coming off of Black Ops 2, it will be interesting to see how Treyarch includes some of the more well-received features of the campaign (branching storylines, different gameplay sections, etc.) in their latest installment. Check back in a few days for when we have the full reveal dissected and laid bare.

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