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Black Ops 2 Pulls Pre-Order Bonus, Then Puts It Back

By SavageOcto20-11-2012

Most games today have pre-order bonuses. Some are good, some bad. At the very least you would expect to at least have access to it. Treyarch pulled the Nuketown 2050 playlist last night, a multiplayer mode for pre-order bonus map, with a tweet last night from one of the developers, David Vonderhaar. “Double XP weekend is official over. That means Nuketown 2025 / 24-7 is as well. I know. RIGHT? Don't kill the messenger.”

The internet wasn’t being very forgiving that day, to put it nicely. Treyarch seemed to get the message and promptly put up a “fast-action” playlist with the bonus map, called Chaos Moshpit.

This sort of thing really doesn’t give good press for the rampant use of pre-order bonuses being used to sell more games on day 1. What do you guys think about pre-order bonuses? Leave a comment below.

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Posts: 1317

No big surprise that the rage would bring the map back. But it's bizarre to think that they had the intention of the map just being temporarily available. I mean, WHY would they do that? Why pull a map? If there's one thing I've always experienced with the CoD-games, it's that they have too few (good) multiplayer maps. Having this extra (admittedly SHIT) map would make the roster seem larger, and the price would seem more justified.

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Wait just one moment here... So originally Treyarch had it planned that Nuketown 2050 would just be for the event as a pre-order bonus? Wtf... I can't believe this... Well good they put it back in, otherwise they'd be liable to some suing I think, lol! As for pre-order bonuses, as someone who studies Business Management and has multiple Marketing modules, I can see why we have pre-order bonuses. Consumers can rage all they want but at the end of the day it is because of "the consumers" that we have pre-order bonuses! Companies will try to do anything to get you to buy their product day 1 - this is when the product is the most expensive (thus biggest profit margin) and helps the cashflow of the company greatly. As such, they came up with pre-order bonuses, if consumers had not reacted positively (in sales wise) to these bonuses (which they have, I know MANY people in person who actually will buy a game based on its pre-order bonuses!) then they would have dropped this and tried something else. Obviously, different companies still are trying all sorts of different pre-order bonuses. But from personal experience, all the people I know and speak to actually just prefer the silly things such as in-game items and such.