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Black Flags and White Cloaks

By breadbitten11-07-2013

Assassin's Creed IV, Ubisoft's "other" major open world action game coming out this year, just gushed out a whole mess of new info regarding new protagonist Edward Kenway and an extended look into the game's much hyped naval mechanics. The scoring screen looks rather interesting at the end of the ship battle, letting players choose the spoils of their victory (more crew, ship salvage, etc.) while the rest is the usual AssCreed fair, that is lots of running, jumping and parkouring.

Meanwhile, a rather sizeable blog post at Ubisoft's own Ubiblog details protagonist Edward Kenway's recruitment into the Assassin's BFF club and dissects his character to a fair degree...

"The way Edward is introduced to the Assassin/Templar conflict is surprising and it's a fresh approach to the storyline," says lead writer Darby McDevitt. "Altair was born into it. Ezio and Connor both, through personal tragedy, met the Assassins and felt right away that it was not only a good philosophy but that it would help them accomplish their goals: Ezio's being revenge and Connor's being protecting his people and ensuring, in a general sense, that liberty wins out over tyranny."

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It's why we still grab their games with gleeful abandon despite the shitty treatment and the GODS DAMNED DRM!

Posts: 1548

That looked really impressive. It still surprises me how they manage to make a step forward with every installment and not just saturate the franchise.

Posts: 3290

Distance from Connor is most decidedly a good thing.

Dear GODS he was a prick!