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Biting The Hand That Feeds You

By Kelevandos19-05-2013

While not a hardcore StarCraft player, even I have heard about Greg "IdrA" Fields, a player from the Evil Geniuses team. And if someone did not heard of him thanks to his skill, they surely did last week, after he threw some insults at his fans on the forums. IdrA was always known for his temper, oftentimes being not-so-gentle towards his opponents, but this situation was a bit too much, resulting in IdrA and EG parting ways.

But the gamer has not said his last word and suggests that, despite being tired of competitive gaming, he would still like to stay in the industry as a commentator on "whatever major events he can". With his deep knowledge of competitive gaming and, well, rather straightforward approach this could turn out really interesting and enjoyable!

And for all his fans out there, IdrA did not cease gaming totally and you will still be able to watch him from time to time on his Twitch channel.


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