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Bist Du Aryan?

By Toast20-03-2014

BJ Blazkowicz is! Well, sort of, as you can find out in the latest Wolfenstein: The New Order trailer, it shows him getting into trouble on more than one way! I wouldn’t want to spoil the surprise for you, but I’d certainly be terrified of these crazy pro-Aryan Nazis (not to mention the big nazi-mech)!

As for our second little video below, a featured clip from Bethesda Underground is an interview with MachineGames’s Narrative Writer, Tommy Tordsson Björk. He reveals to us that he’s the mastermind, and quite proud of creating the rather charming, and evil, bitch - Engel. Also, surprisingly the actual clip from above is another one of his proudest achievements for the game where he describes it as one of the more memorable moments for players.

Certainly both worth a watch, but remember folks, the game will be out in just a few months’ time on the 23rd of May. A reminder for those that pre-order also will get access to the next DOOM’s beta, whenever the hell it comes out!

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Inglorious Wolfenstein.