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BioWare’s Shadow

By drcoolio34519-08-2014

BioWare finally let loose a few details about their upcoming title Shadow Realms.

According to GM Jeff Hickman, "So much of what inspired the great BioWare games was rooted in pen and paper RPGs," which is why it's no surprise that Hickman and the same team that made SWTOR are trying to capture that classic pen and paper charm in Shadow Realms.

Most akin to the "pen and paper RPGs" is the leveling system, because it wouldn't be a BioWare game without RPG elements these days. After that there's also a morality system which BioWare is claiming can change what abilities your character gets, how he levels, and his/her part in the story.

Thats right, the story, which involves teenagers, demons, and the Shadowlord. While it sounds like something that might belong more in Persona than a BioWare game, Shadow Realms will be about 4v1 combat where four "gifted teens" take on the Shadowlord in a modern fantasy setting.

Conceptually it sounds like Left 4 Dead or Evolve, but while in those games you directly fight your opponents, Shadow Lord sounds much more strategic. The player controlled Shadowlord can control creatures, set traps and alter the environment around his opponents.

You'll have to continue waiting to hear what the story is, but if you want to be the first to experience the gameplay BioWare is starting a closed alpha (https://www.shadowrealms.com/register) for those of you who are eager to wait that long. Shadow Realms is planned to be a PC exclusive that will come out sometime in 2015.

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