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Bigass Patch Optimizes, Tweaks and Repairs

By MrJenssen17-09-2013

Rome 2 is a big and beautiful game, but also a very buggy one. After much furore and angry mob behavior on ye ole internet, Creative Assembly finally admitted that they kind of screwed up and released the game a few decades early. They pledged to release weekly updates to fix the plethora of problems that seem to frustrate many Rome 2 players to no end.

The first patch was released shortly after the game's release, and a beta version of the next big patch was released this Friday. A changelist for this beta patch has been released over at the Total War Wiki. It is... quite large. Here are some of the more important changes:

-Campaign performance optimisations.

-Campaign AI round time improvements (greatest effect during early game).

-A new "Limited" option has been added to the "Show AI Player Moves" settings in Single Player an Multiplayer Campaign modes

-Improved AI recruitment decisions in Campaign modes. Further improvements planned for subsequent patches.

-Pathfinding optimisation on the Campaign Map.

-Improved compatibility for graphics cards with multiple GPUs.

There is more than just performance improvements though. A number of gameplay tweaks have also made an appearance. Check the full list for yourself to see if the issues you have been experiencing, are now fixed.

Though Rome 2 was released in an unforgivable state, one cannot deny Creative Assembly's dedication to make right what was wrong, and improve the game enough for it to finally deserve the status it has as part of the Total War series and sequel to the original Rome.

To participate in the beta, right click Rome 2 in your Steam library, select Properties, go to the Betas tab and opt in for "patch2beta". There's a rather large amount of data needing to be downloaded, so make yourself some tea while you wait.

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Posts: 207

Awesome...even though I didn't have problems with any of those issues, it's good to see them fixing the problems for those who did.

Posts: 297

I'll believe it when I see it..

Posts: 3290

@XiDiO: You're not the only one saying that. Common consensus is that it's gone from being broken, to being unplayable

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