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Big Update Brings Improvements and a Car

By MrJenssen17-02-2014

Next Car Game *sigh* awesome as it is, still hasn't gotten a proper name yet. But what it has got, is a big new update that fans will appreciate. Though the original Early Access version only came with two tracks, one derby arena and two cars, people were impressed, and subsequently voted with their wallets.

Well, though it was a fun little thing to fiddle around with, one can hardly call NCG a full game in its current state. That's why the Finns at Bugbear have wrapped up a nice cuddly - albeit a little late - Valentine's Day wreck-o-rama loveletter in the form of an awesome new patch. What does it bring with it? The announcement from last week lays down the basics:

"The highlights include a completely new cinematic camera mode for taking great screenshots, highly customizable races with both lap and opponent count settings, rotating steering wheels, a plenty of new upgrade parts such as different types of differentials, another chase camera higher and further back, more precise gameplay damage, as well as a hefty amount of small but important improvements and tweaks."

But that's not all. In addition to all that, there's a new playable car. An 80s style American sedan, apparently. Heavy and clunky. Oh, and a Figure-Eight type racetrack that should help quench players' thirst for destruction and mayhem.

The update should be applied to your Steam version of the game already, but in case your download speed isn't the best, at least we have a few screenshots for you to gaze at in the meantime. If you own the game, you should also have received an E-mail from Bugbear about a code for the newly released Steam version of the oh so delicious Sneak Peek 2.0.

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