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Big Brother is Watching You

By Azeebo08-02-2014

Amnesia is an amazing horror game. It is a horror game that actually understands what it is to be a horror game, unlike more recent (and terrible) attempts such as the Dead Space series and Resident Evil. But, what if somebody took Amnesia's insanity mechanism and instead made it all about your own fear and stress...a game that changes based on how you react. That...THAT would be amazing.

Well, it is time to introduce Nevermind, a Biofeedback Horror Adventure Game. Whilst a long way from becoming a reality, Nevermind utilises your personal bio ratings, and actively changes how the game plays based on your reactions. A bit like big brother, but on a more biological level. The game will get progressively more difficult the more scared, or stressed you are, so actively managing your emotions will be key to progression.

"The game knows more about you than you know about yourself," says developer Erin Reynolds. And honestly, that is both a bold statement, and amazingly possible. With tech like Oculus Rift around the corner, games merging the physical and the virtual already exist. Nevermind is something that could be very real, very soon. And that is terrifying.

The developers also believe that as well as being a terrifying experience, it will also help people tackle stress related issues. "Nevermind has a lot of potential to actually help people through mindfulness techniques to manage their own stress and anxiety," USC Creative Media & Behavioral Health Center Director Marientina Gotsis said. "I've been yearning for years for something like this to be put out in public. This is in tune with what we know in affective neuroscience, in terms of how the brain works, and is a very exciting experiment to combine both games and potential health benefits."

Nevermind is currently doing a Kickstarter Campaign, with the goal of reaching $250 000. They have recently hit the $14k mark, so hopefully this will become reality, as it looks awesome.

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I just backed this a few days ago actually. I really love the idea of games for personal betterment and I'm really excited about the potential of this game as a tool for helping people cope with stress & anxiety. :] Hope they make their funding target!