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BF4 Screenshots Appear

By Leigh Cobb27-03-2013

Three Battlefield 4 screenshots have found their way onto the web, showing off men wearing comfy looking headwear and emotional, yet grizzled, military guys staring off screen. There's also a 'leaked' gameplay trailer.

Battlefield 4 looks good in these screens, thanks to the magic of photo editing, but I'm sure it will look nice in motion as well. Check out the screens below to get an idea of what to expect from BF4 (Spoiler: Guns and fiery explosions).

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Posts: 596

Nothing impressive yet... and trailer has been removed (blasted EA!!!) :P

Posts: 240

It won't be more memorable at all. Just sayin'.

Posts: 267

All screens are of singleplayer.

Posts: 3290

I think the third one could be online. There are a hell of a lot of bodies on the ground

Posts: 1548

Looks pretty but if this is an ingame footage then this is SP for sure. If they really go with the SP hope its going to be more memorable this time around.