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BF4 Rumor Mill Continues to Churn

By Merc16-04-2013

Gamestop leaks are not an uncommon thing, also posters can reveal certain things that may not be official announced yet. If this rumor turns out to be untrue a lot of Battlefield fans will be disappointed (but will still buy it). If a recent Battlefield 4 poster is true Commander mode will make a triumphant return to the franchise. The last game to have this mode was Battlefield 2142 but the first game to have it was Battlefield 2. It may have also been the most requested feature for inclusion in the third game but was absent. Also on the poster are supposedly three playable factions (Russia, China, and the U.S.) and the first expansion will be free if you reserve the game. Again none of this has been confirmed and is a rumor at this point. Let's hope they ARE true!

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