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BF4 Possible MP Teaser on March 30th (Updated)

By NAG3LT29-03-2013

While it was interesting to see a whole mission from Battlefield 4 SP campaign, the multiplayer part is the main attraction of the series. It seems that we won't have to wait long to get the first look though. An employee of EA with nickname 'bitty' has posted a comment on a Russian fan site.

"30 марта нам покажут мультиплеер."

"The multiplayer will be shown to us on March 30th."

While bitty is known to be a reliable source of Battlefield information, the wording leaves a small suspicion. Will the trailer be released publically, or only shown for the company insiders? Well, we won't have to wait long see.

Update: The information was a hoax. Somebody managed to register an account on a new site before real "bitty". The fake comments are now removed, and real bitty has clarified the matter:

"Это не мой аккаунт. Вот настоящий. Не будет мультиплеера."

"This isn't my account. Here is the real one. There will be no multiplayer (trailer)"

So unfortunately we will have to wait longer to see BF4 multiplayer.

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I enjoyed Bad Company 2's SP

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It's all about the MP anyway. I don't know why they still waste time on making an SP. The SP from BF3 was so horrendously bad :(