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BF4 Getting Ready for Launch

By Mokman23-10-2013

So apparently there's this dude in a horrible shirt just walking through an aircraft carrier, challenging gamers to go join him in Battlefield 4. Right. Anyway, putting aside the cringe-inducing elements of the latest Battlefield 4: Anthem TV trailer, it does showcase some in-game footage for those who are interested (and have not already poured over the literal hours of footage already available). Some stuff is pretty interesting, such as jumping off a skyscraper and the like - while some seriously way too over-the-top. You'd imagine they were trying to sell us Saints Row 4.

Doing somewhat better is the other trailer that was released slightly later, the official Single Player Story Trailer, as seen above. Fittingly enough, it looks like a military action movie, probably made by Micheal Bay. Fortunately then, it also looks pretty awesome, with some exciting moments popping out onto the screen and making me go: "Damn, I would like to play that in-game." Will the final product be able to bring me the satisfaction I crave though? That is still up in the air, considering the lacklustre Single-Player that Battlefield 3 suffered from.

Anyway, check out the trailers and let us know what you think about it below. As for me? I'd take my good old Star Citizen car advertisements any day.

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Posts: 351

I am ready, I cant fucking wait to play BF4.

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It'll be interesting to see how DICE and EA are going to handle this launch, we all know it won't go as planned.