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BF4 Footage Was At 3K Resolution

By Leigh Cobb02-04-2013

Remember that 17 minute Battlefield 4 footage we showed you not long back? Well developer DICE have some more information behind that demo particular demo, namely that it was running at 3K resolution.

Patrick Bach, Executive Producer, let this little detail be known during an interview with CVG. "Another thing that you might not have realised is that we ran it at 3K resolution at 60fps, and you don't do that." This coupled with the fact that the demo was running on an upcoming AMD card, the 7990, and you get a pretty clear picture of the kind of power behind Battlefield 4.

Back also stresses that this was unoptimised Alpha footage, and that performance would no doubt be better with the finished build. Which is either a testament to the power of the 7990 or to work DICE have done on the technology powering their game.

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Sounds good for those who have 680/7970 or similar. Should still get 60 at near max settings on 1920x1080.