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BF4 Cinematic Tool Hack Lets You Get Creative with Cameras

By CameronW16-01-2014

Ever been playing some Battlefield 4 and wonder how you could make a sweet tank bomb jump look even sweeter? That could probably be achieved with Battlefield 4 Extended Cinematic Tools, a hack made by some dudes at UnknownCheats that allows for all sorts of insane camera angle customization.

While this program looks awesome and could lead to some great content in the hands of talented folks making machinima, or any other sort of Battlefield 4 videos, I should point out that using it could potentially get you permabanned from Battlefield 4; and that's no fun.

I strongly advise against downloading this tool when it gets released unless you know what you're doing, I don't want to get anyone banned.  The hack isn't finished yet so there's no download link, though you can keep up with the developer and see when it does come out at his blog here.

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Potentially? Knowing how hamfisted EA is (dogs follow it on the street), you'll be eating permabans like it ain't no thang.