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BF3 Wake Island Challenge and Only in Battlefield Competition

By RubyStreams02-10-2012

Battlefield 1942's legendary map, Wake Island has been recently remade in the brilliant, Back to Karkand expansion for EA/DICE's blockbuster shooter, Battlefield 3.

A posting over at the Official Battlefield Blog brings news of a very special challenge that you and you friends can take part in. All you have to do is kill, kill and kill again on Wake Island. The target kill count is 19,420 (clever, eh?). The challenge will take place across each platform that Battlefield 3 released on (PC, PS3 and Xbox 360) and the first platform to reach 19,420 kills will unlock a special new dog tag for the entire community.

As it stands, PC is trailing in 3rd place so once you've had your fill of us here at PixelJudge, load up Battlefield 3 and get killing!

The blog also contains a piece on Wake Island over the years and Ars Technica has published a great piece on Wake Island in real life and gaming, featuring an interview with DICE’s Lars Gustavsson.

Before you start racking up the body count, the 2nd 'Only In Battlefield' competition winners have been announced here. 'Only in Battlefield' showcases some insanely brilliant fan made footage of Battlefield 3.

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