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Beyond Hope and Despair

By Bobfish18-07-2013

As part of an interview with Eurogamer yesterday, Michel Ancel has once again flooded the faithful with that vicious, sadistic mistress called hope. We could, he says, potentially see a re-announcement of Beyond Good and Evil 2. Though he was quick to caution that this was in no way definitive, refusing to give a specific date, he reiterated that it was still a game very dear to his heart. Not something he was going to just roll over and accept defeat on.

"We need to build the team and retrieve the elements that we worked on. I don't want to say things in terms of time that will make people disappointed - it will really depend on the speed that we will make things for that game. We've made a lot of things already. Now we need to put them together and make that game. If there would be any communication it will be in the next year, just trying to talk about the fact we are on it. But so many people in Ubisoft want to make that game, honestly."

For the time being, all we can do is wait, again, with baited breath. Wait and hope. For those unfamiliar with the first game, bear in mind that Ubisoft's curremt success can be traced back to it in a great many ways. It was their first real foray into the large, open world environments we now take for granted. Due to limitations of the time it was, of course, nowhere near to the same standard as we see today. But it laid the groundwork, in principal, even if the game itself received only a lukewarm reception.

The full interview is surprisingly short, but it is also concise and filled with promise. The only real problem that could now arise is from Ubisoft's upper management. They, of course, are tasked with making the decisions which will best serve the company and turn them, sad as it is to admit, the largest profit. Beyond Good and Evil was a niche game, which leaves a delicate position. Do they hold true to the original and risk having the same lacklustre commercial return, or attempt to make it more accessible and risk alienating their core playbase?

What do you think? Will it happen, can it happen?

Should it happen?

Comments below.

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Come on Ubi, just make it already!

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Like a carrot in front of a mule...