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Bewitching Forums

By Bobfish29-01-2014

With Wild Hunt rapidly approaching, to a cacophony of geekgasms the world over, CD Projekt Red are back doing what they do best. Amazing customer service. Specifically, revamping the forums and unifying their systems so that one account will allow you to log in to everything. Yes, this does include cyberpunk.net, home of the equally highly demanded Cyberpunk 2077 they are also teasing us with.

"The revamped RED forums combine new and exciting user functionality with the passion of The Witcher community that made them a special, one-of-a-kind place on the Internet.

"The brand new thewitcher.com forums are something we've been working for a while now. I think that our wonderful community deserves an experience as amazing as the game itself", said Marcin Momot, Community Manager, CD Projekt RED. Besides the completely new forum engine, we are very happy to introduce additional features like one account for all of our services, i.e.thewitcher.com, cyberpunk.net and REDkit, seamless navigation between each room and an achievement system, Momot added."

So wait, I hear you ask, why did I go to the effort of telling you all this at the beginning, if I could have just cut and pasted the press release in the first place? That's a very good question, with a very simple answer. It's my job. Duh. They pay me by the word. Oh yeah, and because there are new screenshots that look absolutely freaking awesome!

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Looking good as usual.